New iPad (2018): Support Pencil From Apple

Apple Debuts New iPad With Pencil Support and $299 Price Tag for Students

As expected, Apple made the event organized by offering the most popular iPad tablet at $299, Where the tablet comes iPad 9.7 inches and hope in the future to compete with Microsoft and Google The 9.78-inch iPad, which was released in 2018 by Apple, is an updated version of the 2017 9.7-inch Tablet, Although the device is cheap to the specification that is not bad.

New iPad (2018): Support Pencil From Apple

The tablet comes with a superb 9.7-inch screen that offers you a distinctive experience with its bright colors, comes with a high-resolution touch sensor and lets you use a stylus. We have seen the Apple Pencil, which we saw and introduced for the first time to the iPad Pro, a popular and wonderful tool that is versatile among students, professionals, and creators,
and is now available to many customers.

iPad 2018 Screen:

The new iPad screen does not have anything new. It's similar in design to the iPad Pro 10.5 screen. The new thing is that it offers features like the True Tone screen and the ProMotion screen, which gives it an elegant interface thanks to the improved refresh rate.

The 9.7-inch iPad comes with a resolution of 1536 x 2048, but that does not mean it will not be usable. Like the 2017 iPad, Apple is still trying to bring its screens to inexpensive models that offer a powerful user experience.

It's obviously not the best screen we've seen, but for the daily learning experience, it's more than fantastic. The screen looks so perfect even full brightness, and Apple has not stopped stripping it from a modest screen technology to get the low price.

We have tested the battery on the screen, and one of the cool things is to keep the screen work for a few hours, and although this is a tablet with a cheap price from Apple, it still fascinates the color reproduction and clarity it offers.

iPad 2018 Battery:

New iPad (2018): Support Pencil From Apple

The tablet battery comes to students and is characterized by ease of use throughout the day for complete ease because it is not easy to do Perform shipping in the classroom mode. Make sure that the battery holds up to 10 hours, and you will see it working all day, and processing it on the processor.

Do not know that the Apple A10 Fusion chipset on the motherboard can take a lot of energy  we do not know how much RAM there - so the 10 hours look like a reasonable amount of time if you do not use the entire hard drive as a school day.

For the general user, this is also quite good. If you are traveling back and forth, it is unlikely that you will press the new iPad 2018 strongly, and this new tablet brings the same "need to recharge every 3-4 days life" that we have seen before.

iPad 2018 Camera:

New iPad (2018): Support Pencil From Apple

For as long as we wanted and we needed a camera on the iPad tablet, but in this case, we can see that something the classroom needs is a decent camera.

This is because of two important reasons: First, the ability to take pictures of tasks helps make projects more interactive and active and can do a lot to encourage creativity.

Also, Apple plays a big role in enhanced reality (AR), and considering that you'll need a decent half-camera on the back of the iPad tablet, so Apple's 8MB sensor is good enough.

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