Apple iPad Air 2 review

Apple ipad Air 2 review: Still the best buy Tablets

Apple each year offers two tablets the first small size known as the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 and this year the iPad Mini 3 and then there are 9.7 inch iPad Air 2 where the second version of this tablet was announced, but believe me this year I strongly advise you to choose the iPad Air 2 because The iPad Mini 3 does not get it because of the updates you need only color and fingerprint technology! But the iPad II will give you specifications and improvements in the camera and noticeable improvements in overall design.

iPad Air 2 Design :

Apple iPad Air 2 review

Simply put, iPad Air 2 is less thick, lighter and more powerful. It is considered the world's thinnest tablet compared to any tablet available in the global market. It is 6.1 mm thick compared to 7.5 mm for the first version of iPad Air, This means that it is less than 18% lighter than the iPad Air. The weight is light, of course, depending on the version you will buy. The version we have is LTE. The total weight is 444 grams less than the iPad by 32 grams. Overall, the device is less thick than the Galaxy TPS. With a thickness of 6.6 mm although the manufacturing quality is better than what is on the Samsung Tablets.

The concept of the design of the iPad Air is no different than what is present iPad Air 2 is still the same design and quality of manufacturing is made of aluminum generally I can say that the device still carries the beautiful design and control process of the device still require your hands the two and did not have a problem in controlling the device even with crazy thickness as That the device comes with a new type of screen without a vacuum and I will talk about the bottom and the technology of fingerprint Touch ID and a new force in the technology of wireless, but since the thickness, it became less in size from 32.4 to 27.3 watts.

There are already differences between the old version and the new version of the iPad tablet. The most important of these changes is the Touch ID technology, which is on the main menu button, which first appeared with the iPhone 5S and then the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and with the iOS 8 system, More useful than before, such as support for third-party applications of this footprint and the purchase of the Internet sites only and yes the device has an NFC chip but so far not activated so you will not buy through the stores as you do with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Apple iPad Air 2 review

You'll also notice that turning off the device button to silent or shutting down the screen may not be so big or annoying as this button disappears so you have two options now to turn your device to silent either by hanging the volume down button or by turning the device to silent through a toolkit Control Center You will also notice that the first microphone is located at the place of the button to switch the device to silent and the other is located next to the rear camera completely, which means that the recording of sound during the video is better as well as air waves for the version of WiFi + Cellular became free of the ports of the microphone.

Inside this device has a new processor known as the name of A8X is the same processor phone iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but a greater power in the graphics processor three-core processor 1.5 GHz, the first device from Apple has a random memory of 2 GB and there is the M8 sensor, which will add to you An air pressure scale and wireless technology developed to be 802.11ac WIFi and support for 20 4G networks around the world at speeds up to 150 Mbps, provided connectivity companies support this speed.

If you have the old and new version of the iPad Air, you will notice that the old version carries two rows of stereo speakers but the new version only carries one line and we will talk about the sound later. Finally Apple added the so-called Apple chip unfortunately not supported here in Saudi Arabia but you can put your chip from This service will allow you to switch between contact companies in America or in the UK without having to extract a chip for each company. Contact this movement is very useful and convenient. It is expected that other companies will adopt this type of chips for their future devices whether phones or Tablets.

iPad Air screen:

Apple iPad Air 2 review

The Air 2 tablet still has the same clarity as the previous version Air, which is known as the HD screen, which means 1536 in 2048 and with a density of 264 pixels per inch, but there is a difference between the first and the second The answer is yes Apple has removed the existing space Between the screen and the body of the device and merged sensor on the same screen as if you touch the pixels themselves and Apple is not the first to do so, but it is in the Microsoft Tablet PC service and the new iPhone series generally screen will be less reflective so we took the device to the sun and we were able to watch the texts and Flamm and we saw it less reflective of a copy Iyer iPad.

iPad Air Camera:

Apple iPad Air 2 review

Although I'm not a fan of tablet photography, the camera in the iPad 2 got impressive improvements. Initially, the rear camera became 8 megapixel instead of 5 megapixel and it carries the Image Signal Processor, which is part of the new Apple processor A8x with iSight The front f / 2.4 and the front camera, which Apple calls FaceTime HD, comes with 1.2 megapixel camera with the F / 2.2 lens. The front camera can shoot 720p video while the rear camera can shoot 1080p or 720p video at 120 frames per second and features fast shooting and panoramic photography And Time Labes is not The rear camera does not hold the LED flash.

The quality of the images can be said to have been improved especially in terms of colors and details compared to the previous version and you can see the pictures in full quality as well as video shooting through the Tablet PC for its sake.

iPad Air Performance and battery:

Apple iPad Air 2 review

I have never complained about the performance of the iPad series over the years but with the iPad Air 2 and the new processor A8x you will notice noticeable improvement in performance and high speed in the work of applications and graphics is very amazing with the processor processor 1.5 GHz 3-core and 2 GB RAM instead of 1 GB The graphics processor supports the Metal engine, which means that the graphics for games will be a series provided that developers support the games of this engine as well as this engine gets rid of the heat and Apple revealed some programs that support this processor such as Replay, a program that collects a number of images and the work of editing in a beautiful way as well The game experience Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 were both very nice.

The battery is slimmer than what is on the iPad. The Air 2 has 7340 mA compared to 8600 mA, which is due to the thickness but the new Apple processor consumes 20% less battery so we use the 4G and WIRELESS chipsets to know what's new The news of social networking sites, surfing the internet, watching videos, playing games and finding out what's new in the system all gave us 10 hours and 22 minutes. Unfortunately, the battery is less but not bad. The iPad gave us the same experience for 12 hours and to remember it depends on how you use the device.Make sure if you use the device in a normal fashion and not intensive, the device will hold a full day.

iPad Air 2 system:

Apple iPad Air 2 review

The system comes with OS 8.1 Overall the system evolved significantly from our first time with the version of iOS 8.0 Perhaps the most prominent is the opening of the fingerprint technology for third-party companies and developers as well as Apple introduced the test version of the iCloud Photo Library, which can store your images and view on any system iOS of course the basic capacity is 5 GB but there are partnerships to get more storage capacity cloud.

I strongly advise you this year to buy the Air 2 tablet for a number of reasons. The device came with remarkable updates such as performance, performance is stronger, fingerprint technology is present and the screen is still the same clarity but it is better in terms of clarity and battery. Unfortunately, Hours of intensive use or for a full day of normal use, design and manufacturing quality are still very beautiful and remarkable improvements in the camera.