Amazon announced a new range of devices, most of which are centered around the Echo headset, launched by Amazon Alexa's first intelligent smartphones developed by the owner of the sales site World famous retailer.

In this report, we review the most important announcements announced by Amazon from new devices and news.

The new Echo Plus:

A new update to the Echo Smartphone is no different in terms of shape and dimensions than the original headset, but it is very different in terms of internal technology and software development, as Amazon has developed the capabilities of the speaker to recognize voices and at greater distances than the previous version, Amazon added Zigbee technology, which helps increase the wireless connection of the headset with lower power consumption.

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The new Eco-Plus headset is compatible with more than 100 smart home devices without the need for any additional applications. Amazon and the new version of the Echo headset will be available on October 31 for $ 149, in black, white and silver.

Built-in Echo Spot:

One of the most important announcements announced by Amazon during the conference is the Echo Spot, a smart clock similar to office alarms, but it is capable of 2.5-inch screen on the work of video calls, and can be connected to external speakers via wired connections or through wireless technology " Bluetooth ", or use as a surveillance camera for children or pets rooms.

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Echo Plus will be available on the market starting December 19th at $ 130.

Various ECO headphones are cheap:

Amazon also announced a new smaller version of the original Echo device, priced at $ 99 each. Amazon sells a special 3-unit package for $ 249. The new Echo comes in several different covers such as cloth Wood and other texture, and will be put on the market starting on October 31st.

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The new Echo Connect is also connected to the ECO family, a small terrestrial voice call device. The device is powered by Alexa's smart assistant, and the new EcoConnect is sold for $ 35.

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