One of the things I love is Windows 10, today we'll do a review for the best buy tablet nuvision 8-inch , As this tablet supports the smartpen and comes with high quality and high-resolution display, Unfortunately, the best buy tablet NuVision is not available much for competing with other tablets.

Review nuvision 8-inch tablet windows 10

This is the NuVision 8-inch Windows 10 tablet.One of the best buy tablets is because it is cheap and has good quality and high-resolution screen.Now we will talk more details about the best buy tablet NuVision with Windows 10.

Best buy tablet NuVision specifications:

Review nuvision 8-inch tablet windows 10

best tablet NuVision design:

We will talk about the design of the best buy tablet NuVision, When it comes to design I have low expectations. The best buy tablet's NuVision comes with size  8 inch and Windows 10 operating system, The device structure is made of metal material which gives you a smooth feeling and holding it in your hand. Because it is made of metal, it is cool when touch, this alone makes NuVision best buy tablet.

The front covers the best buy tablet NuVision glass, But NuVision has yet to determine if this glass is corning Gorilla-protected.

The device is incredibly thin as well at just 7.62 mm, which further increases its design. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the construction and NuVision design. If I have any criticism, I want to cover the back of the machine which has a lot of logos. Where NuVision puts logos: Windows, Intel logos on the back, a side black bar at the bottom holds details such as model number, decoding marks and more.

best tablet NuVision display:

Review nuvision 8-inch tablet windows 10

One of the most important reasons that made me more interested in the best buy tablet NuVision is the display. Like build quality, Most Windows 10 tablets come with cheap specifications, Unfortunately, this usually means low-resolution screen With 1280 x 800 resolutions, Which is a waste of 2017. The NuVision, Has a full HD display, which looks crisp and clear, which looks clear and pure this is what I expected from a small best buy tablet Windows 10.

All this and more in 8 inches, Windows 10 offers a very cool job at 150 percent scaling. Applications and games work wonderfully and look great, The display is strong enough, But I would not recommend using best buy tablet NuVision outside the sun.

The front of the tablet has a dedicated Windows key, Which is no longer seen on devices anymore. The Windows key is capacitive, When pressed, it takes you directly to the start screen. You can even use it to wake up the screen until it is in sleep mode, It is useful for placing the tablet on the table.

best tablet NuVison ports:

Review nuvision 8-inch tablet windows 10

The best buy tablet comes with a very good port for this size, with a micro USB port for charging and USB OTG, It also comes with a small HDMI port to connect to an external monitor or TV, Micro expansion slot that supports cards up to 64GB, 3.5 mm headphone jack, On a tablet like this.

best tablet NuVision battery:

The battery life of the NuVision tablet is somewhat mixed, it can last about five hours to six hours. This makes you browse the Internet, music, and applications like Twitter and Instagram. I'm not sure how long the device will last seven to eight hours a day, depending on the device being used and turned off all day, or put it to sleep and wake up again to check the email. Overall, the battery life is fine if you're just planning to use your Tablet PC around the house, where you'll always be near the charging port.

NuVision 8-inch tablet: Final thoughts:

Review nuvision 8-inch tablet windows 10

Would you recommend the NuVision? Yes, I recommend it because at $73 it can be purchased from Amazon, it is a distinctive tablet that has a beautiful display and that makes it great to use, it is like a lot of tablets.