Review of the best buy tablet Amazon's 10 Fire HD 

Amazon officially unveiled the new specification of the new Fire HD 10 the best buy tablet, which is the first tablet that contains the folds of its operating system on Alexa, the smart assistance developed by Amazon.

A quick look at Amazon's new HD Fire 10 best buy tablet, we may conclude that it is not the best tablet you can own, especially for people who are used to using the iOS iOS device, but given its sleek, streamlined appearance and price of just $ 150 , That view will change dramatically.

Features new fire HD 10 tablet :

 Review of the Amazon's 10 Fire HD Tablet

The screen of Tablet  Fire HD 10 from Amazon is 10-inch , with a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels, a wide screen of 224 pixels / inch. The device is powered by a quad-core processor with a speed of up to 1.8 GHz and a random memory of 2 Gb , The choice is between 32 GB and 64GB, with the device supporting external memory cards.

All these specifications are powered by a battery that can work for 10 hours per charge, Atom Dolby speakers, Wi-Fi dual-frequency connection, unlimited free subscription to Amazon's cloud storage service and of course the Alexa smart help. 

Amazon's 10 Fire HD Tablet works with the Android operating system, which Amazon has made several modifications to, including the addition of a large number of applications , 

like the Amazon Music application, Prime Video application and Audible application. The device also includes an Amazon account that allows the transfer of music, video and books purchased through multiple Amazon services.

 Review of the Amazon's 10 Fire HD Tablet

The most distinctive feature of the device is its 10.1-inch screen. Watching several videos on Amazon's 10 Fire HD Tablet you will discover that the device has a clear screen of the clearest and pureest screens that can be used to watch movies and high-quality sections, and the enjoyment of the use of the device in watching movies because of the speakers Powered by Dolby Atoms' cutting-edge technology, capable of delivering powerful sound in an area up to the average room space. 

The battery is also one of the most important strengths of the new Amazon tablet. The powerful battery is capable of working for up to 10 hours per charge and only 10 percent less than an hour after watching a high quality movie with a screen brightness of up to 75 percent that's what makes it best buy tablet.

 Review of the Amazon's 10 Fire HD Tablet

The most important features of the Amazon 's Fire HD 10 Tablet is that the operating system contains the support of Alexa smart help, which is able to complete a large number of tasks in addition to control the device and control music and video clips without having to touch the device, all the user is to call the help pronouncing its name Say correctly and give the order to be executed.

Certainly the low price is offset, which is a few disadvantages with the new Amazon, the most important of which is undoubtedly the average specifications of the device, in addition to the rear camera is very poor in low light and medium performance in normal lighting, and the front camera, which is not much different.

In the end, Amazon's new Fire HD 10 tablet is the best buy tablet and the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a premium multimedia player at no more than 150$ .

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