How to choose best buy tablet ?

How to choose best buy table ?

Everyone is looking for best buy tablet and the term "tablet" will only be mentioned in many people's minds about the Apple iPad product launched in April 2010 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab product launched in September of the same year. But tablet PCs are much older than this, An electronic electronic board and a pen or finger-tapping tool that has been in existence for more than 20 years, specifically in 1989 with GRiDPad from GRiD, later acquired by Samsung.

According to statistics, 31% of Internet users in the United States are always looking for a best buy tablet and have a Tablet PC, and you will not find much difference from this percentage in our Arab countries. This requires detail in the steps and tips that will facilitate the selection of the right tablet, Submit it in the next lines.

Choose the right size:

How to choose best buy table

When you search for best buy tablet , tablet sizes ranging from 6 inches to 18.4 inches as in the Samsung Tablet, and the most common measurements are between 7-10 inches, if you are looking for a small tablet you have the iPad mini and Amazon Fire size 7 inches.

If you're looking for medium sizes, you can buy iPad 12 or Galaxy View 12.9 inches, and the nature of the use dictates the decision to choose the size, depending on the answer to the question, will the tablet use an alternative to laptops or just an electronic device additional?

Choose the appropriate operating system:

Tablet PC operating systems are limited to three: iOS 9 - Android - Windows 10. As is customary, iOS 9 is limited to Apple products from the iPad tablet with its various mini - Pro - Air versions. Large companies, led by Samsung and Amazon, as well as the system of Widows 10 with a product from the same company Surface and other companies, notably Dell - Asus - Lenovo.

How do you use it ?

At home, if you need to check mail, surf the Internet and listen to music, for limited use, it is advisable to purchase a tablet at a total cost of less than $ 300. This price is available from Lenovo. If it is used as a work device or laptop replacement, A 9-inch tablet, such as the Apple iPad from the Apple or Nexus 9 from Google, and if you have a budget sufficient for more than $ 500 is recommended to buy Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft or Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

If you are going to allocate for the games, you can use the iPad - iPad Air2 from Apple but they are expensive, and for a cheap price it is recommended to use the Nvidia Shield for less than $ 200 a little, and if you will allocate for children recommends the use of the 7-inch tablet, Size, and the right price. The best option for these features is the Fire Kids device for up to $ 100 and a two year guarantee. The media is advised to use tablet devices that provide a high quality viewing and listening experience such as the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 " 2560 x 1600 pixels, or iPad 2 with screen measurements of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Applications :
How to choose best buy table
For Tablet Operating Systems Special stores to download free or paid apps. For example, Apple App Store offers thousands of iPad applications in various versions, as well as the Android operating system from Google, the Google Play store, as well as the working tablets Windows 10 has its own Windows Store, built into the system or accessed from the Internet.

Quality of internal gear :

What we are interested in when choosing based on the quality of the internal hardware is to know the processor quality, random access memory, the size of the integrated internal and external memory, and the quality and efficiency of the battery, the following is some detail :

Processor :

There are A7-A8-A9 processors and X-series add-ons, for example, A8X. The higher the number, the more the processor is, and with the addition of the X, the version is stronger. The A8 processor is newer than the A7 but it is not Stronger than the A8X.

While on Android-based tablets, there are several manufacturers, each with their own dependencies on specific processors. Samsung is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon, while Nvidia uses Tegra processors.

When talking about tablets from Microsoft Windows usually rely on processors, "Intel - Intel" We find the processor core m3 and i5 and i7 are powerful but expensive processors.

Random access memory :

Ordinarily, the amount of random access memory is not important when you buy your tablet. More importantly, how the operating system will control RAM, which is usually not user-controlled, and sizes generally range from 1 to 4 GB and may reach even larger volumes. Such as 16 GB in Surface Pro 4.

Storage Size:

The common size of internal storage in tablets comes from 8-16 GB and can be up to 128 GB in some modern devices. For external memory via the SD input, it is between 8-16-32 GB and can use flash memory USB in various sizes as an additional tablet memory using a special cable to switch between the mini USB port built into the tablet and the standard USB port of the external flash memory.

Battery efficiency and quality :

How to choose best buy table

All tablets tell you that they are fully functional for a full day without charge or recharge, but this is theoretical information that only installs when tested for use. Generally, your use determines the battery life or operating time without charge. Battery 15 hours of continuous work in the Internet and normal use "without music - video - games".

It is best not to buy any tablet with less battery life without recharging for 7 hours. You can see battery specifications before buying and then make the right decision for your needs and uses.

What is the right price ?

Tablet prices range from a little over $ 1,000 to just $ 50 and the wide range between the minimum and the top gives you a lot of options, which will only determine the best of you and the nature of your uses.

For example, when you search for tablets less than $ 100 you will find the device from the Amazon Fire 7-inch, low storage memory and low visibility, while the devices between $ 100-200 there are from Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with storage between 16-32 GB And a seven-inch screen as well.

Between $ 200-300 the best option is the iPad mini 2 with 7.9 inch screen and screen resolution 2048 × 1536 pixels but with limited memory 16 GB, when we reach the level of 300-400 $ There are multiple options, for example: from Apple there is an iPad Air with memory 16 GB and 9 "screen, Nexus 9, 8.9", 16 "or 32GB.

How to choose best buy table

In the price range of over $ 400, tablet devices that may be considered as the best alternatives to laptops, the highest in specifications and quality, screen size, battery quality, RAM, internal device memory, and much more Tablets, for example, from Apple iPad 2 - iPad Pro and are on the top of the tableless tablet categories Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in terms of quality and price.

Let's remember that the nature of your use determines who is right for you. If you have any additions or suggestions, we certainly await you in the comments.