The amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 is considered of the best buy tablets , amazon is developing the Amazon Kindle Oasis tablet every year, in an effort to bring the device to all the possibilities and features that satisfy the user, with a price starting from $ 250 a. Although the tablet is fairly integrated, there are certainly a number of flaws, even if few. But if you are going to buy the device you must know some specifications, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages to be able to judge accurately during the purchase process. 

Why amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 is the best buy tablets !

Screen and design :

  Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best buy tablets

The design of the device enters the aluminum material and is distinctive in that it transforms the feeling of sliding the device from your hands. The Kindle Oasis 2017 best buy tablets is heavier than previous versions, weighing up to 194 grams, but still comfortable in the hand, even lighter than other tablets that's what makes Kindle Oasis 2017 the best buy tablets.

But the return of the design of the device is not much different from the previous version only that the edges less thicker with the previous to be able to in your hand more, and the reason for this fish is to try to protect the battery, but obviously this version has been modified on this point you can now To find a device keeper to protect it, in general this version seems superior.

When talking about the clipboard for the tablet, there are many options on the Amazon will find the keeper of water and it comes at $ 50, and the choice of leather holster is priced at $ 70 is what makes it best buy tablets.

The device comes with many great possibilities. The 7-inch screen is one of the largest screens that come from Amazon with a density of 300 pixels per inch and is conveniently suited for vision.

The Kindle Oasis best buy tablets is waterproof and can be immersed in water for about an hour at a depth of 2 meters, which means it will still work even when placed at sea or swimming pool.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 best buy tablets features:

  Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best buy tablets

With the tablet, you will be able to access the Amazon Book Store, which gives you the opportunity to read and receive books at great discounts and also free if you like to read, and of course if you are an Amazon users will have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited services Amazon. Amazon's features do not end in this tablet as it works with Audible titles. If you are a user of the audiobook services, you will be able to listen to it through the loudspeaker.

One of the most important features of the Kindle Oasis 2017 is that if you have Audible titles and you have membership in Amazon Bookstore, you will be able to switch between them without losing your place in each, meaning that you will be able to read on the screen whenever you have the opportunity to do offers a special price for those who own the Kindle Oasis tablet for $ 4. Also, if you use your tablet to read books you will need to use the 32 GB internal memory because you will need space High storage.

In terms of battery, Amazon says it can last up to 6 weeks and of course it depends on how you use it, which is a great advantage for your tablet. As for the tablet's operating system it is easier to deal with the new features added to the version, since previous versions had a simple difficulty in dealing with features such as reading and listening to music

The tablet comes with waterproof feature as mentioned, it lasts inside the water for an hour and under 2 meters depth without any effect and this feature is new on this type of tablets.

The device supports reading in more than one language, so you can read in your favorite language. You have many live languages and more than an unknown language, such as Latin, Korean and Greek, and you will have access to several international dictionaries to activate or study your language.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 comes with an easy to write pen and learning.

Disadvantages of Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017:

  Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best buy tablets

The device does not support having a 3.5 mm jack which means that you will not be able to listen through the headset and this is considered a disadvantage of the tablet.

Also, there is no jack to charge the device so you will connect the charger with the microUSB at the bottom of the tablet until it is charged.

If you buy the Kindle Oasis 2017, you should know that there is an important point. If you are not a Amazon customer, you will not have access to Amazon Bookstore features, so this is one of the disadvantages of the device. If you are not a subscriber.

The Kindle Oasis 2017 best buy tablets is one of the most important tablet devices that have been produced and is a very special e-reader but comes at a very high price and is fairly expensive.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 best buy tablets Specifications:

  Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best buy tablets

The E-Reader comes with a 7-inch screen and a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch, with a protective layer of glass and is considered the strongest yet. The processor comes with a dual-core 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM. The machine weighs up to 194 grams. Internal memory can be obtained from 4 GB and 8GB up to 32 GB.

In the end, the device holds all the qualities of e-reader, which needs anyone who likes to read, despite the high price but it is very ideal.

The price of the tablet in the article is the prices listed in the stores at the time of publication of the article, prices are fluctuating up and down according to market movement.